Buffalo Trace Heritage

Buffalo Trace Heritage 
Saturday 12 PM


Saturday 4 PM


Get your tickets now for this limited seating tasting, beginning Saturday at 4 pm. Experience how different proofs feel in comparison to one another, learn the journey that each bottle of bourbon takes on it’s way to you, and pair each tasting of these premier bourbons with a new culinary item.

Bacon and Bourbon has never tasted so good!

E.H. Taylor Single Batch – Often considered the father of the modern whiskey industry in the United States, Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr., fought for the Bottled-In-Bond act of 1897. At the close of the American Civil War he purchased what is now the Buffalo Trace Distillery. This single barrel bourbon is aged for 11 years and 7 months in Warehouse C, which was built by Taylor in 1881, and is bottled-in-bond at 100 proof.

E.H. Taylor Small Batch – As the name indicates, this is a small batch whiskey comprised of selected whiskey barrels which were aged in Warehouse C. This warehouse was constructed by Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr in 1881. This bourbon is also a bonded whiskey which means that the bourbon was distilled in one season, aged for at least 4 years and bottled at 50% ABV.

Elmer T. Lee – Named after Master Distiller Emeritus Elmer T. Lee, this whiskey is hand selected and bottled to the taste and standards of Elmer T. Lee himself. Perfectly balanced and rich. The nose brings notes of clove, vanilla, and old leather. The flavor balances fruit, honey and vanilla with a light spiciness. A long and warm finish.

Blantons – A deep, satisfying nose of nutmeg and spices. Powerful dry vanilla notes in harmony with hints of honey amid strong caramel and corn. A medium finish composed of returning corn and nutmeg flavors.

Stagg JR – Rich, sweet, chocolate and brown sugar flavors mingle in perfect balance with the bold rye spiciness. The boundless finish lingers with hints of cherries, cloves and smokiness.