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Bourbon guide 101 | facts, buying guide, tasting notes and more

Ordering the right kind of whiskey or bourbon can be hard. You’ll find a lot of factoids out there like, “Whiskey is a distilled liquor made from fermented grain mash.” What is distillation? What does fermentation mean? What even is a grain mash and why is it a requirement? Uhh….(Don’t sweat it!) Our Bacon &… Read More »

Why Every Bourbon Drinker Should Know What Bottled-in-Bond Means

Back before the days of carefully crafted whiskey and Bourbon made by some of the finest palates in the world, consumers couldn’t always be sure what was pouring out of their Bourbon bottles. Then came the Bottled-in-Bond Act. In 1897, the US government passed this law with support from distillers and drinkers alike to ensure… Read More »

Buffalo Trace Distillery Announces Blanton’s Gold will be Available in the U.S.

FRANKFORT, FRANKLIN COUNTY, KY (Feb 27, 2020) Fans of Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon have long asked for the Gold Edition to be available in the United States. This summer those bourbon lovers will get their wish. Available as a limited release in 2020, Blanton’s Gold will be released once every year in the U.S. READ… Read More »

Wellington’s Bacon and Bourbon Fest is back and Features the American Distiller of the Year

The Wellington Bacon and Bourbon Fest is an annual event that celebrates two of the finer things in life: Bacon and Bourbon. Wellington’s Bacon and Bourbon festival returns on March 21st and 22nd with more bacon, new restaurant partners, an expanded bourbon flight bar, and an award-winning title sponsor. “Featuring the Whiskey Magazine’s Distiller of… Read More »

10 Things You Should Know About Buffalo Trace

When you hear the name “Buffalo Trace” you probably think of a bottle of bourbon whiskey with a proud- and/or slightly pissed-looking buffalo on the label (wouldn’t you be?). But in the world of bourbon, Buffalo Trace isn’t just a bottle. Buffalo Trace’s legacy (originally Old Fire Copper Distillery) basically encapsulates the history of American bourbon itself…. Read More »

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