Bacon & Bourbon Fest 2025 Menu

Menu items developed by local chefs explore the boundaries of New American Cuisine and good old-fashioned comfort foods, just like Mom used to make!

Gina Evans Keniyas Kitchen

  • Garlic ginger Bourbon candied bacon on a stick...$20
  • Bacon Teriyaki chicken w/bacon infused veggie rice (cook to order)…$25
  • Bacon garlic shrimp scampi, w/ bacon pasta (cook to order)…$25  

Genoa Italian Concession

  • Sausage
  • Burgers
  • Pulled Pork

A Kitchen 

  • Empanadas, 14 different flavors...$6.00
  • Sauces for the empanadas...$8.00 per jar

Eat Da Bone BBQ

  • Bacon brisket sandwich... $15
  • BBQ pork sandwich... $15
  • Jerk Salmon & avocado bowl... $20
  • Jerk chicken and bacon avocado bowl... $20
  • Jerk brisket bacon avocado bowl... $20
  • ¼ Rack of Ribs w/ two sides… $20
  • ½ Rack of Ribs w/ three sides.. $25

*sides: curry vegetable fried rice, cole slaw, kale salad, fresh tomatoes


Pepes Hey Babe, Artisanal BBQ creations

  • 14 HR Brisket Grilled Cheese…$18
  • Smoked Cuban Sandwich...$18
  • Brisket Mac & Cheese…$18
  • Brisket Swirled Garlic oregano mashed potato…$16
  • Vegetarian tomato pesto panini…$16
  • Smoked brisket breakfast sandwich…$16
  • Fluff-A-Nutter Nutterbutter crumble Dessert…$12
  • Assorted Homemade marinades and BBQ sauces…$12


The Purple Shrimp

  • Brown Butter Bourbon Bread Pudding with ice cream...$12
  • Po'Boys (shrimp, fish, oyster or soft shelled crab )...$18
  • Corn and bacon fritters..$15
  • Onion Strings with bacon...$10
  • Shrimp boil (potatoes, corn & sausage loaded with cajun butter)..$25