Bacon & Bourbon Fest with Boca Mag

Downtown parties come and go in this jam-packed events season, but it looks like this one’s a keeper. Combining a primal love for pig meat with an equally powerful preference for barrel-aged whiskey, the Bacon & Bourbon Fest debuted last year and went on to receive no fewer than 10 awards. Comfort-food concoctions like the Forever Roasted Bourbon BBQ Pork & Bacon Sandwich will be served alongside such palate-confusing desserts as a Bacon Ice Cream Sundae with Bourbon sauce, over a menu that spans from grandmother’s homemade delicacies to the latest farm-to-table innovations. Because poker goes so well with the titular offerings, this year’s fest will see the debut of a Texas Hold‘em Tournament, with winners taking home specialty bourbon and proceeds benefiting area nonprofits. There also will be a limited number of specialty vendors; a backyard games center with cornhole, bocce ball, Jenga, checkers and more; live blues bands; and a series of seminars design to enhance your appreciation of bourbons, ryes and whiskeys.

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