10 Things You Should Know About Buffalo Trace

When you hear the name “Buffalo Trace” you probably think of a bottle of bourbon whiskey with a proud- and/or slightly pissed-looking buffalo on the label (wouldn’t you be?). But in the world of bourbon, Buffalo Trace isn’t just a bottle.

Buffalo Trace’s legacy (originally Old Fire Copper Distillery) basically encapsulates the history of American bourbon itself. The brand has gone through several names, a catastrophic lightning strike, a devastating flood, that little Prohibition hiccup, and even an unlikely (and almost game-ending) rivalry with vodka and gin in the 1970s and ‘80s. And yet somehow, the brand (and maybe the buffalo) is still kicking.

Not only does the distillery makes the largest number of whiskies in the world spanning some 83 different labels, brands or variations, they our are partners in creating this AMAZING Bacon & Bourbon Festival.

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